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We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so why not make it the most restful sleep possible?  We have an extensive selection of adjustable beds to accommodate your everyday needs.  We also carry up down only hospital be to meet your needs.  Adjustable beds can enhance your life naturally, without the use of medications often needed with certain ailments.
Sleep Experts Support Available

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  • Approximately 70 million Americans have some sort of sleep problem.
  • We average only 6.9 hours of sleep per night, before the light bulb was invented people slept on average 10 hours a night. 
  • Roughly 18 million people are affected with sleep apnea.
  • About 12 million people suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome.
Do you suffer from...
Back Pain?
Tension and Fatigue?
Poor Circulation?
Arthritic Pain?
Leg Pain?
Fluid Retention?
An adjustable bed in your own home can provide daily therapeutic relief while...

  • Improving circulation including lymphatic and collateral  circulation which promotes growth and repair in the body.
  • Stimulating muscle fibers to relax tired and sore muscles.
  • Enhancing digestion.
  • Improving relaxation
  • Aiding in a more restful sleep
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • The Niagara Heavenly Sleep System Adjustable Beds will enhance your life.  

    Strategically placed motors in the legs and below the heart are essential keys to improved circulation and a deeper, more restful nights sleep.

    Don't wait, start sleeping better today!

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